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AP Logistics    24.05.2016

New Zhmerynka grain silo: export quality for Ukrainian grain

In August 2015, construction work for Zhmerynka grain silo was completed. This greenfield project became the twelfth asset of Agroprosperis Group logistics business. Construction work took 8 months. 50 people were hired to service the new grain silo, providing farmers of Vynnytsya and nearby regions with effective storage facilities for their crops.


Today, 40,000 tons of crops can be stored simultaneously, while annual turnover exceeds 120,000 tons. Four independent lines can receive over 5,000 tons of crops per day. The finished goods are loaded onto railway cars using two separate lines with a capacity of 3,5 thousand tons, and then transported to seaports straight from Zhmerynka station.


The grain silo is equipped with innovative machinery by the world’s leading producers, such as Behlen, Intersystems, Tornum, Shmitzeger. Also equipment by the best Ukrainian producers is used. Special attention was paid to the laboratory equipment. Infratec instrumentation was chosen for its accuracy to define the quality of grain and oilseeds. The fast testing allows intake from trucks to be efficient and timely.


Equipped with dust reduction system, Tornum dryers are environment friendly and energy efficient. They use a heat recovery system, saving energy during the drying process.


Zhmerynka grain silo was built in response to the growing needs of South-West Ukraine providing state of the art quality storage facilities. For local crops, the silo has already become the starting point on their way to the global markets.

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