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AP Agronomist: two years of innovative management in agricultural technologies!

Agroprosperis    03.04.2017

In 2015, Agroprosperis Group production companies started using the IT tool AP Agronomist aimed to manage agronomic operations centrally. This is an in-house Agroprosperis software, developed by a professional team of IT specialists, agronomists and analysts in several years.


Each Agroprosperis agronomist has a tablet with the AP Agronomist application installed. The tablet is also equipped with a 3G module for data exchange via the Internet and a GPS module for quick GPS coordinates identification. The tablets are adapted to work in the fields for a long time.


AP Agronomist has greatly simplified and standardized agronomist’s tasks, which resulted in significant work efficiency increase. Through AP Agronomist, directly from the tablet, each agronomist sees inputs stocks, transfers them and controls write-offs, keeps record of the implemented technological operations, the applied amount of fertilizers and plant protection sprays, the equipment operators who worked on this field. The software helps to plan field works, determines the list of necessary operations, as well as equipment and aggregates, taking into account their availability on that day. As a result, the agronomist’s work is more precise and faster due to relevance and consistency of fields lists, inventory, equipment and staff.


Using the analytics in AP Agronomist, the agronomist easily compares his or her company current indicators with previous periods indicators, with the planned ones, and with the indicators of other Group companies.


AP Agronomist  users highly appreciate its advantages and consider it an indispensable assistant, providing them with a quick access to the entire field history, allowing them to store photos of crop conditions, to see yields and break-even point, and to plan technological operations correctly.


AP Agronomist helps the Agroprosperis Group production companies to develop sustainably and continuously improve efficiency and manageability of their businesses.

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