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Agroprosperis Bank   07.11.2017

Agroprosperis Bank and manufacturer of grain storage equipment KMZ Industries offer farmers a beneficial loan program

KMZ Industries and Agroprosperis Bank signed a partnership agreement on financing the purchase of grain storage and drying equipment for small and medium-sized agricultural producers at preferential interest rates.


The partnership program significantly simplifies the acquisition of equipment for grain processing and storing from KMZ Industries. This will allow grain producers to improve the quality of their activities and to get a big profit due to the sale of products at the peak of prices.


Under the terms of the partnership program, the loan is granted in the amount of up to 400 thousand US dollars or the equivalent in UAH for a period of up to 40 months at a preferential rate from 6.55%. The bank takes the final loan decision in just three days.


The partnership program can be used by farmers with the arable land from 100 ha, which have the experience of agricultural production for more than three agricultural cycles.

According to Valeriia Kalashnyk, CEO of KMZ Industries, the decision to launch the partnership program was made without hesitation. "Now in Ukraine there is a shortage of grain storage facilities. We are well aware that grain dryers, silos, etc. have a fairly high price and at the same time are a necessity for farmers. Therefore, the partnership agreement with Agroprosperis Bank is our way of helping and supporting Ukrainian grain producers," said Valeriia.


Serhii Shchepanskyi, the Chairman of the Management Board of Agroprosperis Bank stressed that this financing program is fully adapted to the needs of agricultural producers. "The partnership program offers farmers not only a convenient loan repayment schedule in accordance with the season, but also the possibility not to pay the down payment provided that an additional collateral or a crop receipt is provided," said Serhii Shchepanskyi.

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