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Agroprosperis   08.02.2018

Agroprosperis signed first grain SWAP-contract on CPT basis in Ukraine

This week Agroprosperis signed the first ever SWAP deal in Ukraine for corn on CPT basis, with price assessed based on Thomson Reuters’ indicators.


First ever SWAP contract for delivery of 10 KMT of corn at $168,75 per ton with March 2018  delivery was concluded between Agroprosperis and international trader Spike Trade AG via Swiss based broker SCB on CPT Odessa basis. The price was based on Thomson Reuters’ assessment for Ukrainian corn.


SWAP trading on CPT Odessa became a natural development of Ukrainian grain market that should bring more liquidity and transparency to the market and allow world players to participate in the first export delivery basis of Ukrainian farmers.


This form of trading may become the effective tool for sales’ hedging and support the status of Group farms and our clients, small and medium Ukrainian farmers, as reliable partners for the buyers all over the world, Igor Osmachko, CEO of Agroprosperis Group, commented the deal.


Ukrainian market needs such tools as CPT SWAP contracts first of all for farmers that more familiar with CPT delivery terms and philosophy on this basis, Oleksandr Solovey, CEO of Spike Trade AG noted.


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