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Agroprosperis  10.05.2018

Three Agroprosperis Group farms became the laureates of Ukraine’s 2017 Agrarian Elite award!

Three Agroprosperis Group production companies were awarded Ukraine’s Agrarian Elite awards. This project honored the 100 nation’s best and most effective agrocompanies in 2017. The award ceremony was held at the National Philharmonic in Kyiv on April 27, 2018.


Ukraine’s Agrarian Elite is an annual all-Ukrainian selection and recognition of agribusinesses that made a step forward in developing their business, have achieved significant results in their markets, implemented new technologies, had a significant influence on the social sphere, attracted major resources for infrastructure development. The project is published in the special issue of the Ukrainian agrarian magazine The Ukrainian Farmer.


This year the professional jury defined the best in 15 nominations. Among the winners are three Agroprosperis plants (APP), working in Vynnytsia and Sumy regions — Podillyalatinvest, Koloryt Agro and Vorozhbatalinvest. In the Social Responsibility nomination Olexander Kostur, Podillyalatinvest General Director, became the winner for many years of fruitful cooperation with landlords and local communities, which created a solid basis for high financial results and mutually beneficial growth. In the Reliability and Stability nomination Nikolai Shtukin, Vorozhbalatinvest  General Director, was recognized one of the best for 10 years of successful work, almost 10 times increase of the land bank to over 8,000 hectares, improvement of the material and technical base and the formation of a professional team. In Technical re-equipment nomination the jury awarded Vladimir Henovsky, Koloryt Agro General Director, for continuous improvement of the modern equipment park, introduction of advanced, financially rational technologies.


According to the Ukraine’s Agrarian Elite magazine, Agroprosperis partner program for the production core played a significant role in the APPs success, recognized as the best in 2017. "Agroprosperis Group's partner program stimulates the internal entrepreneurship and allows the production core specialists to earn more with the investor. Every specialist in production, whose work affects profitability (from a director to a mechanic), receives his or her share in operating profit and has the right to invest his own funds in order to receive additional income within the partnership program. For the Ukrainian agrarian sector, the idea of such a mechanism of motivation is a real know-how. Growing crops in the Group companies is considered as multiplication of funds. Producers are interested in the long-term effect — hence the rational attitude both to the resources and to the land", — reads the article.


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