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AP Logistics 18.03.2019

Agroprosperis elevators shipped a record 1.5 mln t in 2018-19

12 Agroprosperis Group elevators reached the record turnover in their history, having shipped 1.5 mln tons of crops in 2018-2019 marketing year. Also, two Group elevators set with their own records since their launch. So, Agrodar-Bar shipped 330 thousand tons of crops, which makes 6.6 turnovers, and Zhmerinsky elevator shipped 210 thousand tons, which equals to 5.3 turnovers.

The shipment volume in the current marketing year already exceeds the final 2017-18 marketing year result by 200 thousand tons. Of these, the largest contribution was made by Agrodar-Bar, 100 thousand tons, and Zhmerinsky elevator, 50 thousand tons. This year, all Ukraine’s elevators increased the receiving volume versus the previous season due to high yields. At the same time, the outstanding results of Agroprosperis elevators were also contributed by packing over 100 thousand tons of crops in polyethylene bags, which expanded the simultaneous storage capacity. The additional success factors were Agrodar-Bar reconstruction and the efficient railway logistics for Zhmerinsky elevator, including 400 own Agroprosperis railcars and two locomotives operated by these elevators.

About AP record-making elevators:


• Agrodar-Bar. During the modernization launched in 2017, the number of car grain receiving points was increased to four. The railway shipment capacity was increased to three points, loading three railway cars at once. From this season all four lines work simultaneously, these are the parallel routes with the same capacity. The transport lines capacity was increased from 100 to 175 t/h. The construction of the fourth drier, working on natural or liquefied gas, as well as on solid fuel pellets, is approaching the completion stage. The new dryer will be launched the next season. Today, Agrodar-Bar is a route elevator with a loading capacity of 54 cars per day. The elevator has two track gauges used to upload 22 cars simultaneously.


• Zhmerinsky elevator is the 12th Agroprosperis Group logistics asset. It was built from scratch in 8 months and launched in August 2015. Four lines take over 5 thousand tons of grain per day. The rail shipment is carried out by two lines with a total capacity of 3.5 thousand tons. The elevator operates the innovative equipment by Behlen, Intersystems, Tornum (USA, EU), Kalinovsky machine-building plant, and the weight equipment by Technowagy (Lviv). The modern laboratory equipment allows determining the necessary crops parameters quickly and with minimal errors, which saves the cars reception time.


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