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Agroprosperis 13.05.2019

Agroprosperis expands its distribution business

Agroprosperis Group provides Ukrainian farmers and agricultural companies with a full range of products and services for the export quality crop production. Since 2014, Agroprosperis has been supplying crop producers with seeds, fertilizers and crop protection products from the leading global manufacturers. In 2019, Agroprosperis expands its distribution business with exclusive crop protection products imported directly for its own agricultural companies, as well as for sale to national crop producers.

At the moment, Agroprosperis offers herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and desiccants. New products are manufactured at a modern high-tech plant which is a reliable supplier for many large world companies, undergo thorough quality control, are supplied in modern packaging and are reliably protected from counterfeits. They are low toxic and safe for the environment, provided that usage instructions are followed.


These products successfully underwent experimental use in the fields of 50 Agroprosperis Group farms and since 2018 they have been introduced into the Group’s agricultural technology at 400 thousand hectares in 13 Ukraine’s regions. The video footage on the crop protection products use in Agroprosperis fields are available here and here.


The products are intended for use on the key export crops, effectively protecting them from a wide range of malicious objects. According to the Agroprosperis farms’ agronomists, CPP fully comply with the declared characteristics and their use is economically justified. The products can be bought at the website, as well as from Agroprosperis sales managers in Ukraine’s regions, with sales team contacts listed here.


Agroprosperis is ready to share successful practices with small and medium-sized farmers and plans to expand the product range with new SKUs, their key feature being the fair value for money.


Agroprosperis opens access to the world crop markets for Ukraine’s farmers and agricultural companies. The Group develops the supply chain from field to table through financing from the Agroprosperis Bank, distributing high-quality production materials, purchasing crops in the market and exporting them, offering IT tools which were developed in-house, as well as participating in the AP Franchise project – a turn-key solution for a stable and profitable agribusiness.



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