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Agroproprosperis 11.09.2019

Agroprosperis supports the development of vocational and technical agricultural education in Ukraine

Agroprosperis Group handed modern agricultural equipment over to the Golovinsky Higher Professional School of Non-Ore technologies to improve the quality of future machine operators’ training.


Agroprosperis production companies are interested in partnership with higher professional schools providing training for qualified machine operators in the regions where the Group operates. The Golovinsky Higher Professional School of Non-Ore Technologies, GHPS NO (Zhytomyr Region) became the first partner of the educational project. At the time of cooperation launch, the school’s technical base needed to be updated. Agroprosperis handed over the Amazone sprayer, Great Plains seeder and Claas tractor to the GHPS NO. From now on, students will practice on powerful modern equipment, which will significantly increase their professional level and readiness to work effectively from the first employment days.


“Two years ago, Agroprosperis and we started a communication that grew into friendship. The main task of our school is to teach students new technologies as much as possible. Unfortunately, there is no state support for updating the technical base or it is very weak. Therefore, we seek help for certain professions. The powerful Agroprosperis Group responded to such a request and helped us with modern equipment which allows us to train highly qualified graduates who will be in high demand in the labor market. This will raise the image of both our educational institution and the profession of the equipment operator in general. Also, we will be able to cultivate land owned by the school and earn on further technical base updates and repairs. I am very pleased with our cooperation and I see a great future in it”, said Vyacheslav Maksimchuk, the GHPS NO director.


Comprehensive schools graduates from Ukraine’s different regions have the opportunity to get a profession of a tractor driver, a car driver of all categories and a locksmith (training after grade 9 lasts 3.5 years) with subsequent employment in Agroprosperis production companies for the best graduates.


During the training, the student residences are provided, as well as three meals per day and a scholarship in accordance with state guarantees. Students will undergo practical training at the Agroprosperis Group companies and will be integrated in the first place of work by curators and tutors. The best graduates will be offered employment in one of the Agroprosperis production companies.


Young specialists will enter the staff and production core of the company and receive a stable official market salary. For a tractor or truck driver, wages are piece-rate, experienced workers get UAH 30,000 - 40,000 during field works. Successful graduates will have the right to participate in the unique motivational Agroprosperis programs: receiving an annual profit share and participating in a partnership program that provides the opportunity to invest their own money into the business and significantly increase them in accordance with the annual financial result of the company. Also, specialists will be provided with social guarantees, payments and additional leaves, will have the opportunity to study at the company’s expense at continuing education courses, will take part in trainings and corporate events. In the future, Agroprosperis offers professional development: participation in the talent pipeline, career growth, and transfer to another Group company.


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