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AP Group 01.07.2020

Agroprosperis is developing a promotional program for agricultural producers

To participate in the program, one should register and get an AP Trading personal account at, having received the account details from Agroprosperis Regional Manager . In the personal account, one can find information on the amount of the AP dollars accrued and the current prices for the purchase of agricultural products offered by Agroprosperis.


In the personal account, the producer posts an offer for sale of the agricultural products. It is up to the producer to decide when to sell, which crops, in what amount and in what currency. The producers can get a higher selling price for agricultural products using their AP dollars at the rate of: additional three AP dollars per ton. 1 AP dollar = 1 USD or the equivalent in hryvnia at the NBU exchange rate on the day of accounts settlement (depending on the currency of the loan and the currency of sale of agricultural products).

Also, you can check your balance at any time and use the accrued AP dollars in your personal online account. It is simple, fast and convenient!


Ihor Osmachko, CEO of Agroprosperis Group: 'For the fifth year in a row, we offer a full range of goods and services to small-to-medium agrarian businesses specializing in crop production – from agri technology consulting to inputs distribution, financing, logistics, IT products and to direct export sales immediately to key global processors. Over this time, we have built long-term and prospective cooperation with more than 600 partners, helping them reach a qualitatively new level of stability and profits with us and become exporters. Last year, we joined our efforts to ship more than 3 million tons of Ukrainian agricultural products to about 40 countries, which became a record in our history. We are convinced that this indicator has a high potential for growth this year. That is why we keep on developing our loyalty program, thus showing appreciation to our market colleagues and demonstrating confidence in our professionalism as high-class traders literally – in the contract price.'


You are welcome to find out the detailed terms of the promotional program by contacting Agroprosperis representative office in your region:

• Bank

• Trading

• Distribution



In 2020, Agroprosperis Group will keep developing its promotional program for Ukrainian agricultural producers, which has been introduced three years ago. It provides a unique opportunity: to collect AP dollars and get higher selling prices for agricultural products in cooperation with Agroprosperis!


The program is in place for agricultural producers who have received a loan from Agroprosperis Bank. AP dollars in the amount of 1 % of the loan value are accrued for the loans received in the previous period. The offer also stands for the farmers who have purchased seeds and plant protection products from AP Import.

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