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Agroprosperis 27.02.2022

Agroprosperis charity fund launched

Dear colleagues and partners!


This week have brought great trials and tribulations to Ukraine. I assure you: NCH as an investor stays in Ukraine. At the same time Agroprosperis keeps running its business, achieving its strategic goals and fulfil the obligations within employees’ motivational programs, working where it is safe for our production teams.


Every day we are in touch with our employees and land owners mostly living in rural areas. We know that now usual things become most important. These are food, warmth, access to medicine, a quiet shelter, saying “Good morning!” to the loved ones. To support those in need, NCH and Agroprosperis are creating a charity humanitarian fund. We intend to attract Western investors to finance it, which will take some time.

To start helping tomorrow, Agroprosperis allocated $150,000 from its budget.


Goal No. 1 of the fund is financial assistance to employees, landlords and members of their families for primary vital needs. For example, food, clothing, medicines or medical equipment, personal hygiene items, repairs of houses affected by war, evacuation to safe places.


From Monday February 28, 2022, we are ready to accept the first requests, consider them and provide assistance. The procedure on how to apply for employees and landowners is given in Ukrainian version of the news and published in our social media.

In the nearest time we are launching the charity fund website. Please follow us here and in social media for information on how to donate.

Social support for the regions where the Group operates also continues. Today the main thing for the entire Ukrainian people is to preserve their land, on which we will all continue to live, sow, harvest and prosper together. We take into account the conditions of martial law and the needs of our local communities arising as a result of hostilities.


Courageous defenders from the Armed Forces of Ukraine every minute fight for peace in the country. Diplomats win more and more new supporters every day, allocating real help, often unprecedented. Thousands of demonstrations in dozens of countries around the world come out for us. Our contribution to victory is to keep working where it is possible to maintain national food security, be safe, and help the country and each other as much as we can. We are confident that Agroprosperis Fund will contribute to the restoration of peace and freedom in our Motherland. We stand with Ukraine!


Michael Bertram,

Country Manager NCH Capital Ukraine

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