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The Agrodar Bar grain silo has stored 1 million tons of agricultural products since the start of its operation

AP Logistics    15.12.2016

In December 2016 the grain silo Agrodar Bar, which is a part of Agroprosperis logistics business, marked its first 1 million tons of agricultural products, having been ensiled since its launch in August 2011.


Due to the modernization in 2012, aimed at increasing productivity of production lines and improvement of technological schemes, today Agrodar Bar has maximum mobility and works as a highly efficient logistics hub, capable of solving a lot of issues of grain logistics for their clients. As of December 2016 Agrodar Bar, which is holding its sixth season, has a range of fifth turnover. While the storage capacity of the grain silo is 50 thousand tons!


Today Agrodar Bar is considered the flagship among 12 grain silos of Agroprosperis Group and has the leading position on the market. There are about 40 depositors of the grain silo – both Agroprosperis production companies and regional crop producers.

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