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Agroprosperis 07.08.2022

Sea export of Agroprosperis: the first significant events in key directions

On Sunday, August 7, the tanker with Agroprosperis cargo left the port of Chornomorsk as part of the second caravan with Ukrainian food.


It transports 2,000 tons of sunflower oil produced by Agroprosperis Group companies and partner farmers. This is the first ship with Agroprosperis products


sent from Ukrainian ports through the humanitarian corridor since the beginning of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine.


Meanwhile, Agroprosperis team also continues to develop new routes for sea export. 1.5 weeks earlier, we sent the first large ship with 27,000 tons of corn to the customer in Egypt from the port of Constanta in Romania. For this, 2 trains, more than 1,000 trucks, 20 barges and 5 transshipment terminals on the Danube were involved!


"I am sincerely grateful to our large Agroprosperis team. All together, we are consistently implementing the plans to restore the export of Ukrainian agricultural products, drawn up by us in the first months of war, even when this is a serious challenge for the entire industry, requiring a lot of work, extraordinary efforts and endurance. We highly appreciate the results of the government's work on unblocking the seaports of Ukraine.  At the same time, we continue the development of alternative logistics chains to ensure sustainable agricultural exports, which will be a significant contribution to the economy of Ukraine and our victory," noted Igor Osmachko, CEO Agroprosperis Group.

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