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Agroprosperis 08.09.2022

Ukrainian grain produced by Agroprosperis shipped to Africa

Ukraine feeds the world. Our grain, shipped through the grain corridor, in a couple of weeks becomes food on the tables of millions people in African countries, who are particularly suffering from drought this year.


This week, a ship with 28,600 tons of wheat produced by Agroprosperis and our farmer partners will head to Somalia, where the UN has predicted famine by the end of this year due to russia's war against Ukraine.


No matter how difficult the situation in the theater of war may be, our farmers, logistics managers and export contract execution team work hard every minute of the day to deliver hard-earned agricultural products to the countries where they are most needed. And at the same time, we make our contribution to the victory by strengthening the exchange rate and economy of Ukraine, saving jobs, nurturing soil fertility and sowing new crops, so that our country and the world will have bread next year!

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