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Agroprosperis 25.01.2023

Agroprosperis exported 10% of grain, oil crops and their processed products from Ukraine in December 2022

In December 2022, Agroprosperis exported about 500,000 tons of grain, oil crops and their processed products. This volume made up 10% of the all-Ukrainian export of these agricultural products that month.


In the extremely difficult conditions of war and blackouts, the joint efforts of production, origination, logistics and export execution teams made it possible to ship 1.6 times more than in December 2021! In the last month of 2022, Agroprosperis exported 90% through the grain corridor from Odesa ports, 10% through alternative routes (by rail and road transport to the western borders of Ukraine, by barges from Danube ports, in container shipments from processing plants to the final consumer).


In last December AP export results, 35% was grown and supplied by Agroprosperis Group production companies, and 65% was purchased from Ukrainian farmers.  The indicators of the previous peaceful year were exceeded from both sources: own production by 3.4%, originated from agricultural producers-partners - by impressive 228%!


Corn (225.7 thousand tons) was the leader in volumes of the top 3 crops in December 2022 AP export. The second place belonged to wheat (78.1 thousand tons). The third was sunflower processing products (56 thousand tons).


China and the European Union countries became the largest destination markets for last December AP exports.


We believe in Ukraine's Armed Forces, we continue to hold the food front and work tirelessly for the economy of Ukraine and our victory!



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