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Agroprosperis 27.02.2023

Agroprosperis Charity Fund celebrates 1 year of good causes for Ukrainians and Ukraine

"We help people whom we know well. We act where we work", the Agroprosperis Charity Fund has been working under this slogan for a year. Launched in the first days of Russia's full-scale invasion in Ukraine, today the fund has provided direct financial aid to people affected by the war in the total amount of UAH 16.6 million for 1,042 requests.


About half of these funds were directed to buy essentials. The next three biggest needs are clothing and equipment for defenders, partial housing restoration, and medical treatment.


Here are some more facts and figures from our first year statistics:

  • the most active months were April, May and October 2022. Together with the whole country and our communities, we overcame the consequences of the temporary occupation of the northern regions and contributed to energy independence after massive shellings of critical infrastructure


  • over 60% of people who applied to the fund are over 50 years old


  • 67% of aid recipients are landlords of Agroprosperis Group companies and members of their families


  • Sumy and Chernihiv regions account for 35.6% of the funds received. Restoration of rural medical centers, support with spare parts for demining, provision of funds for partial repair of housing after shellings, which, unfortunately, has not subsided up to this day. Here are just a few examples of real cases where we have been involved in these areas. And we shall continue doing so until Ukraine’s final Victory!


  • We are especially proud of projects that grow out of ideas and with the active participation of our 3,000 colleagues in 12 regions of Ukraine! In the fall of 2022, such an initiative was implemented as the competition of mini-projects "Together to Victory!". According to its terms, our teams proposed the idea and undertook to implement it with their own hands, and the Fund provided UAH 30,000 for materials. The golden hands and big hearts of our craftsmen turned this, at first glance, symbolic sum into many good deeds. Including


  • for the army: stoves for heating dugouts, trench candles, mobile showers, homemade goodies, dry rations, vitamin mixes and preservations, warm fleece balaclavas and jackets, camouflage robes and raincoats, camouflage nets, repairing cars for the Armed Forces;


  • for the civilians: arrangement of a volunteer's room and shelters, medical centers restoration, Christmas celebration for a family-type children’s home.


In 2023, the Agroprosperis Charity Fund will continue to benefit the regions of our Group's companies, as well as support the initiatives of our employees, local volunteers, and public organizations. We are sincerely grateful to everyone who makes possible our contribution to the Victory of Ukraine! Huge thanks to Agroprosperis Group top management, a large AP community, involved on a volunteer basis in the financing, daily work of the fund, its improvement (and also are the first to respond to calls for topical urgent collections!), to our partners and like-minded people from different countries of the world, who donate for the benefit of ordinary Ukrainians! By the way, you can donate to our Charity Fund in hryvnias or foreign currency in the "Donate" section on our website


Together we will win! Stand with Ukraine!



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