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Agroprosperis strengthens own railway logistics

AP Logistics    23.01.2017

In January 2017, 50 own railway cars began to run between Agroprosperis Group companies. The new cars will strengthen the railway logistics of Group’s 60 farms and 12 elevators.


The new cars were produced at Krukovsky Railway Car Building Plant. Capacity of each car is 70.5 tons and 116 cubic meters in volume. These are the best in class cars in Ukraine. For example, one such car can be loaded with 70 tons of any grains and oilseeds, except sunflower seeds, which is 8% more than a conventional car, and 50 tons of sunflower seeds, which is 20% more than a conventional car.


50 newly acquired cars make a "railway route" weighing 3 500 tons, which may be led by an electric locomotive from a loading station to an unloading station for the minimum time.


During the high season, the new cars will be directed to Agroprosperis grain silos to ensure the Group farms’ consistent exports logistics. During the low season, the cars will be directed to third-party grain silos, lacking transportation facilities, also to facilitate exports for the Group's own farms and partners.


For Agroprosperis, own cars purchase is the next consistent step to ensure continuous crops supply from fields to ports or processing facilities. Earlier in 2016, six locomotives were acquired by the Group's grain silos. As a result, the shipment from grain storage facilities in 24 hours grew 2.6 times on average – from 21 cars to 54. Also during 2016, 16 railway routes were arranged, which transported 54 thousand tons of crops from farms to ports.

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