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Agroprosperis 09.11.2023

Dubovyazovsky elevator is No. 1 in terms of EBITDA+ROCE in 2022-23 season

According to 2022-23 results, there is another AP Champion among Agroprosperis Group elevators! It is Dubovyazovsky elevator, by the EBITDA+ROCE cumulative financial result. Agroprosperis Group top management presented the well-deserved awards to the team at a solemn meeting.


An achievement warms your heart even more when you celebrate it with a wider circle of colleagues. So the joy and pride of the honorary title were shared by AP farms teams, which are the elevator's clients, and representatives of friendly AP elevators. Congratulations to our champions, we learn from you and wish to all the team to keep up the good job from season to season!

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