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Agroprosperis 27.03.2024

Agroprosperis elevators started preparations for the 2024-25 production season

Since the beginning of March, Agroprosperis Group elevators have started preparing for the new production season of 2024-25 marketing year in the conditions of war. Even with almost 280,000 tons of grain in storage and ensuring constant shipment of products, elevators’ technical services carry out defects and repair works to prepare elevators to the new season start. Currently, the readiness for the season is estimated at ~70%. And with each week, the repair works are being carried out more and more actively.


The material and technical base of the elevators is being updated - new telescopic loaders, equipment, the electronic queue system, etc. are being purchased or further developed. The total amount of investments in the logistics from the beginning of the year already amounted to ~ $270 thousand.


Also, a month ago, the active implementation of the lean production system began at the elevators. Material assets of the elevators, which are not involved in production processes, but increase the capitalization of the enterprise, are being optimized. They are fixed assets and spare parts that are not planned for use, scrap metal etc. According to the plan, the income from their sale should amount to ~ ₴10 million. To date ~ ₴1 million has already been received and further intensive sales are underway. Thanks to the implementation of this system, elevators receive additional funds to support the renewal of the material and technical base.


By the beginning of the next season, Agroprosperis Group elevators will be in full technical readiness to duly perform new production tasks!


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