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Pavlo Mandrenko is the best Ukraine’s Agribusiness IT Director in 2016

Agroprosperis    06.02.2017

Pavlo Mandrenko, who heads of Agroprosperis Group IT department, was titled the Best CIO 2016 in Ukraine’s Agribusiness by the Computer Review magazine.


The 9th All-Ukrainian contest BEST CIO 2016, founded by Computer Review, was held from November, 1 2016 till 26 January, 2017. The contest is aimed to appreciate the most professional IT managers for their success in IT development in their companies, working in different industries of national economics.


The BEST CIOs 2016 were defined by the expert jury, which considered 30 finalists from 10 industries. The contest was divided in two stages. During the first stage, the finalists’ personal qualities, achievements and completed projects were considered. During the second stage, IT processes organization and management in the company were evaluated.


As the Computer Review summarizes the contest results, "Last year under Pavlo Mandrenko’s management many IT projects were completed in Agroprosperis Group. First of all, it was servers transfer to one of the largest European data centers, which increased business stability. The second project worth to be mentioned was introduction and development of tools for evaluation and control of how agricultural equipment operators work in the fields. It is a unique solution, which motivates farm workers. Thirdly, the applications were developed to assess KPIs of production core teams and to demonstrate these results at LCD screens, installed in 62 farms offices for employees to see their ratings at the daily basis. Also, Group website and internet grain trading system were launched last year ".


"I’d like to express my immense gratitude to my team for achieving the 2016 goals, which were set before IT department. I’m proud of the professional approach used by our team to find solutions for challenges we had on our way last year", Pavel Mandrenko said at the BEST CIO 2016 awards ceremony.


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