Official statement of Agroprosperis Group regarding companies with similar or identical names

Dear clients and partners!


We would like to inform you that recently there has been an increase in the number of registrations for "double" companies, the names of which are similar, and sometimes identical to the names of AGROPROSPERIS Group member companies.


There is even a case of several companies’ registrations outside Ukraine, with their names completely duplicating our commercial name and AGROPROSPERIS registered trademark.


In order to avoid possible misunderstandings, when cooperating with any AGROPROSPERIS / AP GROUP member company, please pay attention to the company identifiers, and in case of any doubts, please reach our relevant managers for additional information, with their contact details indicated on our official website


For our part, we will take all the measures foreseen by the current Ukraine’s legislation and the norms of international law in the field of intellectual property to protect our commercial brand names and trademarks.


Thank you for your trust and cooperation!

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