Volodymyr Mazur,

chief agronomist, Kurland, Agroprosperis Group


I was born in 1968 in Movchany village, Zhmerinsky district of Vynnytsia region, in the family of agricultural workers. In 1983 I graduated from school and went in my parents’ footsteps. I entered the Chernyatyn agrarian technical school on the mechanics faculty, which graduated with honors. After the technical school, for some time I worked as Head of Garage in my village on the collective farm Promin, and then was called into the army. In 1990, I returned from the army to my collective farm, first as a head of the garage, then I was appointed engineer, and in 1993 I was elected Chairman of the Board. At the same time, I got higher education and received a diploma from Vinnitsa State Agricultural Institute, with my major being mechanization of agricultural production.


I headed the private farm Promin until 1999 and then moved to Teplogaz LLC in Vynnytsia as Sales manager for liquefied gas. I had been working there for 5 years, until the firm ceased to exist.


Subsequently, I learned that Kurland company was being organized, which was part of the Agroprosperis Group, and I turned for work there. They hired me as sprayer operator. To this day I had been working in this company, now also on the combine and on the tractor.


The first thing that struck me at Kurland was that business was very well organized from top to bottom. Holding management supports us, all the inputs are supplied in full and in time, and as farmer workers we only need to implement technological processes. It was the foreign farm equipment which was first new to me. Of course, it is more complicated than the domestic one. Therefore, it was necessary for me to master it. Now I am proud that I can work on farm equipment by world leaders. I am also very proud of our team, our specialists, many of whom became my friends.

As a member of Agroprosperis partnership program, I have put my own funds into Kurland’s business. This program has provided me and my family with great additional financial support. Today, we are all tied to the final result and understand that it depends on the contribution of each of us – from the general director to the ordinary worker.


In May we, members of the partnership program, traveled to Kiyv to meet the investor. I was struck by our investors’ simplicity, and Agroprosperis team impressed me with their experience and expertise. These people know what they are doing and they are well oriented in their field.

What differs Kurland from other Ukrainian companies is, first of all, its transparency in payments to employees, as well as decent salaries and social packages. I am sure that the company will continue to work successfully and our income will grow year by year!


The company has created a unique environment to earn money both for investor and myself!

Sergey Yashchuk,

chief agronomist, Kurland, Agroprosperis Group


I was born in Zoryntsi village, Vinnytsia region. I graduated from Vinnytsia State Agricultural Institute with a degree in agronomy. My first job was a plant protection agronomist for a farm with 2,000 hectares of land in my native village. I worked there for 10 years. Since 2007, I started to work for Kurland, initially as a plant protection agronomist, and a year later I was promoted to the chief agronomist. I’ve been working here to the present day. Our team has been constant since 2008; all of us are from the same college and university, from which I graduated. We work as one team, trust each other’s experience.


I found out about Kurland in 2006, when the company was being established. My friend, who was an agronomist in Agro Balt, a neighboring company of Agroprosperis Group, knew about the establishment of a new company and advised me to apply for a job there. I passed an interview and I was accepted. What impressed me most were official salaries, new equipment, and advanced technology.


Currently, Kurland cultivates 11 thousand ha of land. Since 2014, the company began to grow after new CEO Tetiana Fedorenko took over. Until then we ranked 20th in the rating of Group’s companies, now we are the 7th. Everything in farm operations has changed for the better. With the support of new CEO our technology has improved, we began to count more carefully and optimize the cost of cultivation in order to achieve maximum return on working capital.

 Agroprosperis organizes a lot of in-house and outsourced trainings. Colleagues, who have more experience, always help others and suggest the best ways to do things.

Last year our investor launched a program, under which key employees of agricultural production can invest their own money in the company. I confidently invested in Kurland. In the following year I increased my participation in the Partnership Program. I have never seen such program in Ukraine, it’s unique. When we communicate with agronomists of other Ukrainian companies, no one knows for sure how much money their farm has spent on crop production. Few of them have heard about participation in profits, which we have successfully implemented. Agroprosperis Group differs from other companies in its official and transparent way of doing business; the company honestly pays all taxes and wages.


An agronomist puts his heart and soul into plants to grow good crops and earn money for investors and for himself. I am sure that in Agroprosperis I have a perspective of new horizons and exciting opportunities to develop as a professional and an entrepreneur!

Our strong financial performance is the result of a solid team!

Volodymyr Sidoruk,

chief agronomist, Podillialatinvest,

Agroprosperis Group


I was born in Vasylivka village, Tyvriv district, Vinnytsia region. In 1998 I graduated from Vinnytsia Agricultural Institute with a degree in agronomy.


I started working as chief agronomist at the state farm Rodina in Shershni village. A month later I became a deputy director, then - a board member. I spent 5 years in this farm, till it collapsed like many other state farms. A new owner, a private farmer, came and I stayed there to work. Then I worked for 5 years in the farming company Vladimir. In 2009 I was invited to join Podillialatinvest.


The first thing that impressed me was 4,200 hectares of land. Previously I cultivated not more than 1,200 hectares. But soon we began to increase our land bank to 8,200 hectares. And then I realized that I can handle 8, and 16, and even 20 thousand ha!


Today Podillialatinvest is among the leaders of companies of Agroprosperis Group by financial results. We have always spent money wisely, but now we are focused on that even more. We are advised to hire and retain the most effective specialists. Here we have a lot to be proud of: from the very beginning we have hired “techies” and taught them from scratch as we saw fit. That is how we grew like-minded people, team-players, who work together and in synergy. Interactions between people, a strong team is more important than technical knowledge and experience. Financial performance is the result of a professional team.

The advantage of the Group of companies is a constant collaboration with colleagues from other Agroprosperis farms, which work near us. We help each other, give advice, rely on each other and grow together.


Last year I invested my own money in Podillialatinvest. In 2017 I also invested, together with other colleagues. This is trust in the results of our team. We invest money and earn even more!

What else the Group gives me is frequent business trips. I traveled all over Ukraine, attended workshops and learned experience of many companies of the Group. What distinguishes Agroprosperis is discipline and economic literacy. New technologies or solutions are always implemented to the end. All of us know the return on working capital; we know our final results and understand what share of the profits we will get. Participation in the profits is calculated transparently and clearly, we can always count what we will get. In addition, not only management but all production team can have their share in the profits. We understand that the key objective is the maximum return on working capital. We should count how much money we have to spend to achieve yields and whether it is necessary as an end in itself.


I believe that people should be there, where they are most useful. In Podillialatinvest I feel in the right place, I know what everyone is capable of, I get decent recognition and reward. Here is my team, my work, which I am proud of!

"Most of all I appreciate the strict adherence to agreements."

Roman Andreikiv,

General Director of Agrodar Bar, Agroprosperis Group


I was born in Pidhorodtsi village, Lviv region. I graduated from Mykolaiv State Agricultural Academy with a degree in organization of processing and storage of agricultural products.


My first employer was Vradyiivka branch of Nibulon in Mykolaiv region.  I worked there as the chief economist for 6 months. Then I was offered to head production at a grain silo with storage capacity of 14 thousand tons. For 2 years I ran all the processes of mixed feed production and grain storage. For me it was new experience, but it gave me solid background. I labored the subject, learned everything related to grain silos activities. Then, for 8 years I was the CEO of this company.


In 2011, I started working with Agroprosperis Group. As a result of negotiations I was appointed as the CEO of the newly built grain silo in Bar.


My main goal was to ensure high performance of the company and return on investment.


Thanks to clear organization of production processes and the coordinated work of the team we had three turnovers on the second season. To expand business opportunities we developed a modernization plan, which included increased productivity of production lines, and technological scheme improvement. The investor approved our initiative. We replaced transport equipment, enhanced the technological scheme, added routes, and made the silo the most mobile. The modernization paid off in just 1 year.

It was especially interesting to make this company what it is now: a powerful logistics hub that can quickly and efficiently solve many issues related to grain logistics. This year we started the sixth season and as of today we have a range of fifth turnover. I am proud of our first 1 million tons of agricultural products, which have been ensiled since the first day of work! Today Agrodar Bar is the flagship among 12 grain silos of Agroprosperis Group and has leading market positions.


The most important for me is that the agreements that we formed in the early collaboration are fixed and respected by all parties. This allows us to quickly move forward, to focus on business and work for defined objectives.


Agroprosperis Group frequently organizes trainings, where we get additional tools to be effective.  We often communicate with the colleagues from other 11 Group elevators, share experience, help each other in new projects. This assistance is especially valuable in difficult situations where due to cooperation we quickly find the optimal solution.

Our secret of success is: team, commitment, partnership approach to business and to collaboration with our clients, and creativity. I have identified these key points and have been implementing them at work. We are constantly improving, looking for options for further increase in efficiency, new ideas, developing cooperation with depositors and rising to a new level of development!

In Agroprosperis we combine the best Ukrainian and European approaches to business management"

In 2006 an organic production support center was founded, where I was a co-owner and CEO. That was a consultancy center for farmers in the area of organic production, its certification and promotion in Ukraine. I worked directly with agricultural producers helping to establish the full cycle of production and marketing of organic vegetables, cereals, pasta, and flour.

That same year I accepted an offer to head the newly created company Koloryt Agro. The first thing that attracted me was the latest modern farming equipment, which was uncommon for Ukrainian companies. And the second – people, who worked there. They had enthusiasm and a sincere desire to work.


I saw a perspective in investor’s approach to production. It matched the approach, in the efficiency of which I was convinced before: a hybrid between Ukrainian and Swiss approach to business management.


I was the youngest who came to the company – 30 years old and immediately appointed as the director. Fortunately, key specialists had already been there – an agronomist and an engineer. And since then the same strong team have been moving forward. Together we started everything almost from scratch. The work was divided among all, not by position, but by skills. On the second year of operation our company began to be profitable.


My team and I are part of this company. We feel like investors not only because we have invested our own money in the business. Our investments are also intellectual. This is our expertise, work, commitment to this land.


Agroprosperis fully supports its managers. I consult on all levels to make the right decision: with my team, with experts and management of Agroprosperis service company. I like the fact that there is a credit of truth given to CEOs who have a high profit. Thanks to our experience, gained over the past 10 years, we have developed a stable technology that yields profits.

Agroprosperis differs from other companies in the proper planning of financial activities, the right approach to choosing farming equipment. In our companies the production team is as valued as the CEO. Management, psychology, and team motivation trainings for managers are conducted very effectively.


I plan to continue developing Koloryt Agro. I treat the company as my child. It’s not enough to give it birth, feed it and teach to walk. Much more interesting is its further upbringing and seeing its first achievements. I am sure we will have a lot of them!


Volodymyr Henovskyi,

General Director of Koloryt Agro, Agroprosperis Group


In 1999 I graduated from Vinnytsia State Agricultural Institute with a degree in mechanical engineering in agriculture. For 1 year I worked as mechanical engineer for Illinetskyi State Agricultural College with a large production base, 4,000 hectares of land, powerful fleet, two tractor stations, and cattle farms in two villages.


Times were difficult: no spare parts, no light, and no fuel.  I never received my salary... It was very difficult, plus the 13 kilometers distance from my home.


I transferred to the educational division of the same company, near my house. Here I worked in the same position, and also began teaching. For me, this work was a huge school of life and responsibility. I had a significant workload every day and a lot of business trips.


But I realized that I needed to go further.


Our educational division started cooperation with the Swiss College of Agriculture, Zollikofen. In 2004 a joint project of implementation of organic farming in the Ukraine was launched, and I went to work there. There I had a curator and a mentor from Switzerland, from whom I learned a lot and understood the importance of efficiency in production.

"In this company professionalism and responsibility are valued at the highest level!"

Polina Karpenko,

Chief agronomist of Nizhyn Agro, Agroprosperis Group


I was born in Poryk village, Vinnytsia region. I graduated from high school in Ivano-Frankivsk, then enrolled in the agriculture teachers training department of Uman agricultural institute. Soon this department was disbanded and I transferred to the horticultural department, from which I graduated in 1969 with a degree in processing of fruits and vegetables.


After graduation for 1 year I worked as a technologist at the canning plant in Khmilnyk. Then I got married and moved with my husband to Nizhyn district where I’ve been living and working to the present day. From 1970 till 1975 I worked as an agricultural chemist. After moving to Vertiivka village I worked as the chief agronomist at the state horticultural farm Mayak, and then transferred to the other farm - Avangard. Since then for 41 years I have been working as the chief agronomist.Times were tough then; we grew sugar beet and bought fuel on money received from its sale.


Nothing else was purchased, we sowed without fertilizers, virtually had to survive...

A new investor came in 2008, which was developing Agroprosperis Group. Nizhyn Agro was founded, where despite my retirement age I successfully passed the selection process and became the chief agronomist. The difference in approach to production was noticeable: fertilizers were purchased in sufficient quantities and we received powerful equipment, which was essential because local land had not been cultivated for 20 years.


I like the fact that in Nizhyn Agro everything is transparent and honest. The company complies with environmental, land and other legislation of Ukraine.

Today it is much easier to operate, because we have farming equipment fleet that allows us to cultivate the land in full compliance with modern agricultural technology. As chief agronomist I was entitled to a company out-roader, which allows me to visit fields in any weather.


The customized Agronomist software is in my tablet, there I enter all data on production operations, make and store photos on condition of crops and so on and it assists me a lot. It gives quick access to the history of the field, the amount of applied fertilizers and chemicals, data on the mechanics who worked on this field, and the ability to schedule harvesting, to compare characteristics of different years, and to do a lot of other things, useful for agronomist. And no paperwork!


Sharing profits, which the company offers, is a major incentive to work. Thanks to it I have the opportunity to help my children, grandchildren and maintain my own health!


My greatest achievement is a high level of culture of fields – thoroughly processed from edge to edge! I am proud of the high yields of Nizhyn Agro, monitor achievements of the Group’s companies, study and often adopt their experience. For my part, I perform a lot of experiments with seeds, crop protection products and share results with my colleagues. The spirit of healthy competition allows me to constantly grow and discover new facets in my profession!

“Agroprosperis is 100 per cent behind the CEOs of the Group’s companies”

Tetiana Fedorenko,

General Director of Kurland and Agro Balt,


In 1980 I graduated with honors from M.I. Kalinin Crimean Agricultural Institute with a degree in agronomy, the grape primary processing technology. After graduation I returned to the farm Tauris in my hometown Alushta. For 1 year I worked there as an agronomist, then got married and moved to Dzhankoy district, where I worked as a senior technologist at a winery of the state farm Izumrudnyi.


Then, a vocational school was opened at the farm and I was transferred to the teacher position. Here I worked for 18 years as the Deputy Director for Academic Affairs.


In 2002-2007 I worked as the director of the farm, where a new investor came after a while. In 2007, Agroprosperis Group established the agricultural enterprise Lobanovo-Agro near Dzhankoy, where I worked as the CEO until 2014. In February 2014 I moved to Vinnytsya region to lead the company Kurland with more than 10 thousand hectares of land under cultivation.


After moving over 1,000 km I had a tough time. I moved to an unfamiliar place, was away from home, had to start over... Thanks to the support of a large Agroprosperis team, investors and colleagues now I think of that time with a tinge of sadness.


When I started working in Kurland company, it ranked 14th in the Group for financial result. According to the results of 2015 (that year was very difficult and dry), thanks to the established team, the right calculations and the best technology in such weather conditions, we rose to the 7th place of the Group's rating. Our goal is to move forward!

Agroprosperis fully supports the management of the Group's companies. We have a transparent and smart approval system. Every step of our production activities is estimated. There is also an effective income distribution system, due to which you can make you and your loved ones happy.

Using a tablet with the customized software Agronomist I can see yields and break-even point of the Group’s companies. Together with the chief agronomist, we focus on the best colleagues and see clear growth options.


Today, work is easy and difficult at the same time. It is easy because if you have calculated everything and you can prove that it will give return on working capital, then you will be heard and you will be given the opportunity. But at the same time you have to take responsibility and to defend your position, and this is much more difficult. We manage!

Initiative and the exchange of experience in the form of workshops and working visits to study leading companies’ best practice are welcome in Agroprosperis. Planning of the production cycle takes place in a completely new way of a team work on a tablet, where we go through a full agricultural cycle during just 36 minutes. It's exciting, thrilling and very useful!


My team and I have invested in Kurland. But along with this comes responsibility too. Each of us understands that we need to work well to get the invested money back and earn profit. And if I go to the investor with a proposal, I risk my own money. Investor sees it and appreciates it. So I go to work with pleasure!


I am proud of the fact that I was able to create a team of like-minded people in Kurland. They see the goal, the other side, an oasis on the shore and go there on a clear set course.

We should leave a mark in history. My dream is to train my staff to become CEOs of the Group’s companies. That's when it will be possible to sum up: "I’ve done everything!"

“Three components of my success: leadership, professionalism and a strong team”

Olexandr Kostur,

General Director of Podillialatinvest,

Agroprosperis Group



After graduating from the engineering department of Vinnytsia State University with a degree in agriculture mechanization I started working in my native village Lozova, Vinnytsia region, for the former collective farm Progress. At that time, the era of the state agricultural sector was over and private owners began to appear.


After marriage I moved to Vinnytsia and started looking for jobs in my field. It was not easy. From 1999 to 2004, I had to work in commercial enterprises and a leasing company - namely in the Vinnytsia State MTS NAK Ukragroleasing.


I started working as an engineer, and then the company took under its wing a company UkrAgroLiz, which had to be brought back to live. It was a difficult period: no resources, no support, and no suitable product prices. It is simply impossible to compare those difficult times and the present!


In 2006, the activities of the leasing company were terminated by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, and the process of closing down the production departments with 150 vehicles fleet, 15 thousand hectares of land, where I worked as the director, was initiated.

In January 2008, Agroprosperis Group offered me to head Podillialatinvest.  It was surprising: the country is in collapse, and someone, on the contrary, is building and investing. I was attracted by foreign investments, imported equipment, and the latest technology. Of course, I agreed.


I’ve been the CEO of Podillialatinvest since then. Today we cultivate 8.5 thousand ha of land. At the time of my joining the company was 6 months old, and the land bank was 2 thousand ha. I had to start virtually from scratch, working with land owners, who were local citizens. I recruited staff in a new way, trained them, I was looking for progressive young professionals.


For the last 6 years the company which I run has ranked from first to third place in the annual ranking of Agroprosperis Group on financial results. The staff is motivated, right working conditions have been created for them: we purchased facilities and equipment, and equipped workplaces with everything necessary.


Most importantly, my team and I have received from the investor a unique opportunity to consciously manage industrial agricultural production using the latest tools and algorithms. We are also motivated by our participation in the distribution of income of Podillialatinvest and have the opportunity to invest our own funds in the working capital of the company!


"With Agroprosperis I really earn and get my share of profits!

Petro Rypiuk,

Chief agronomist of Koloryt Agro,

Agroprosperis Group


I was born in Lypovets, Vinnytsia region. I graduated from Agricultural College in Illintsy, then – from Vinnytsia State Agricultural Institute with a degree in agronomy. I started working as a plant protection agronomist for the local company Kolos. Then I worked for 4 years as an agronomist for the company Sobar.


I found out about Agroprosperis in November 2006. I stood at the origins of Koloryt Agro, where I’ve been working to the present day. That same year we registered the company and began to register land lease agreements.


Since the establishment of Koloryt Agro I have been working for this company as the chief agronomist. We started with 1700 hectares, now we cultivate 4,200 hectares.


In the years of working for Agroprosperis Group I have grown not only as a specialist in terms of practice, but also as a manager. Today it is easier to manage a company than it was 10 years ago. There is powerful farming equipment, and at the same time – fewer workers. We have sufficient inventory and are confident that inputs will be delivered on time, of high quality and in the right quantity. For competent planning, I use modern tools for business modeling of agri-production cycle. We are proud that Koloryt Agro is among the five leaders of Agroprosperis Group by financial results.

It appeals to me that senior management trusts me as a specialist who invested his money in the company. Agroprosperis helps its employees in different ways such as trainings and exchange of experience. Our performance is analyzed and discussed; we get feedback in modern and transparent format. I feel confident about the future, because employment and salary are official, in full accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. And I really earn money and get my share of the profits according to the financial results of the company.


My plans for the future are to introduce new efficient technologies with stable profitability. I am confident that thanks to that Koloryt Agro will maintain leadership in the rating of Agroprosperis Group!

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